2016 Junior League of Miami Showhouse

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Charlotte Dunagan Design Group participated in the 2016 Junior League of Miami Showhouse, showcasing the work of celebrated interior designers, architects, and artists who transformed the Kampong property in Coconut Grove. The Kampong is a historic property that is part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden and was the original home of David Fairchild. The Showhouse included rooms in the Fairchild‐Sweeney House, the Barbour Cottage, the Sausage Tree Cottage, and the surrounding grounds. Charlotte Dunagan Design Group transformed the living and dining areas at the Sausage Tree Cottage.

“The Kampong is such a special space in our neighborhood that we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this special event, ” said Charlotte. “We were inspired to create a crisp, modern space integrating the original kitchen colors (retro St. Charles cabinets in gorgeous aqua) into our new scheme. The added bonus of being able to use our talents and skills to raise money for Junior League of Miami made it a very worthwhile project for us to take on.”

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Charlotte Dunagan appears on NBC’s Living in Luxury

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Sam Azar and guests Charlotte Dunagan and Lisa Austin walk thru a North Bay Road project, where design focuses around the seamless integration of an extensive fine art collection.